Uroboros Was Right

This is a difficult time.  Difficult because of the loss of a man we once called friend, Jared Nadir, better known to the world as Uroboros.  But in truth, we lost him weeks ago, when he abandoned the principles that the Flashlight were built on and cut a bloody swath through the city in a misguided effort to join the Fury of Solace bandwagon.

And let me be clear: as much as it pains me to say this, none of us agreed with the direction Jared took the cause in his final days, not even for a minute.  But while Uroboros may have been wrong about a lot of things he was right about this: Mason International is a scourge on humanity, a pox on good, decent people everywhere.  We have compelling evidence of this that no one’s willing to accept.  But rather than lash out in frustration, the failure of the Flashlight only inspires people like me and Hunter X to persevere, to uncover absolutely irrefutable evidence that ties Mason International to the crimes we know about and the crimes we don’t.  We’ll continue to fight, with devotees new and old, to make people see the truth, and we don’t need to hurt anyone to do it.  It’s a brand new day, and I want to publicly thank Hunter X for finding this site and getting it up and running.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue in our efforts to uncover Mason International’s dirty little secrets, including their connection to the criminal empire run by the mysterious crime lord known only as King.  And while Uroboros was the sole mouthpiece for the Flashlight, we’re going to make the Lighthouse a true community.  The site is co-administrated by me and Hunter X, but we’re inviting any and all of you loyal followers who have facts and opinions to share on the topics at hand to submit guest blogs, which we will happily publish.  Jared felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, and in the end he forgot he had people to share that burden.  We won’t make the same mistake he did.  No matter what Mason throws at us, we’ll have each other’s backs, and we’ll grow this community so big that even he won’t be able to stop us.

We must never forget Jared.  Let him be a shining example to all of us of how much good we can do as a group, and just how far we can fall if we lose our way.

Jack Bower

Where we go from here.

I guess I can’t keep putting this off forever.

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the news. I’m afraid I can’t claim to have known Jared as well as some of his other followers, and I have no desire to be the one writing his eulogy. Suffice to say, he was a good man and those who did know him personally have my sincerest condolences.

In setting up this blog Jared asked us to continue his work and finish what he could not. I’ve been spending the past day or so looking over his map and the various pieces of evidence he collected – the patterns are all there, but I fear there isn’t enough. As we’ve seen up to this point, anything short of Max Mason personally admitting to the accusations is going to be either covered up or just plain ignored. I’m usually skeptical of conspiracy theories myself (oh, the irony that I’m now writing a conspiracy blog!) so I know how hard it is to convince someone that a seemingly innocent person or company is in fact engineering the apocalypse (or something similarly outlandish). If we want to bring Mason down without resorting to Fury of Solace’s violent methods, we need to find something that cannot be disputed whatsoever.

As for what this would be… I have no idea. The best we can do is follow the leads Jared started, fill in the holes, and see what turns up. As I said before, this is a team effort: I welcome assistance from anyone who supported Jared in the past, as well as those of you only just joining us.

More soon,

Hunter X

Is anybody out there?

Hey there,

Chances are you’re here for the same reason as me. It seems that even though Uroboros has given up on his original cause personally, he still supports it enough and supports his friends enough to arrange its survival. Whether it was luck or just the fact that Uroboros has fewer British followers than American followers, I was the first person to stumble upon his hidden message and the password for the blog.

I’m not going to act like I can do this alone.  Anyone who supported Uroboros and the Flashlight, I welcome any assistance or support you can offer. It’s going to take some time to get everything set up, but I hope I can get some more posts out shortly.